Mobile Insurance

Mobile is important! We know this better than anyone else in the industry so we are offering mobile insurance on all our plans. It is very important for us to make sure that you get your claims on time, we have appointed Edelweiss as our insurance facilitators who will help you in insurance claims as and when required through call center support.

Our mobile insurance covers Liquid damage, Physical damage and Theft which means even if your mobile is dropped accidently by you, it got wet in rains or even if it is stolen you are eligible and you can claim for the insurance amount.

Moreover even if the MobiSecurity application is not installed at the time of above mentioned cases, your insurance cover is still valid.

Quick Claims

Step1:- Subscriber intimates the claim to Edelweiss call center within 48 hours of occurrence. Immediately after intimation subscriber will download the claim form from the website.

Step2:- Along with the claim form, supporting documents such as invoice of the handset, Police diary number, 3 photos, claimant ID Card photocopy should be submitted to the Edelweiss/Oriental within 21 days.

Step3:- Edelweiss/Oriental surveyor will make the survey report and based on the report claim amount will be transferred to subscribers account.